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The fight is always intense and sometimes it’s tough to see with the right perspective. Here are some things that are important to remember as we stand against Human Trafficking… 1. God goes before us. The battle has already been won. If we focus on the problem, there will always be a possibility of defeat, failure and giving up. If we focus on God, who is above the problem, we will begin to understand His sovereignty over the issue. Don’t be discouraged! He is always with us.

2. His will always prevails. As the Church we need to embrace the fact that God’s will is predominant over our own. If our hearts ache to see social and heart change and to see women and children being set free, imagine the heart of God, who is the One who initiates this compassion in us? Pray for His will to be done.

3. Trust in His strength, not ours. Our God will do infinitely more than we can imagine. He is still in the business of restoring lives and He is the One who begins this amazing work and completes it. He will never fail. He is able and faithful, and He is doing a mighty work to see lives being set free.

4. Be steadfast in Him. The main focus of our hearts and what drives us to seek change is our growing relationship with God. We want to be like Jesus and reflect His love and His character. As we draw closer and closer to His heart, we are able to rest in Him as we take our stand, and remain firm in Him. He loves us passionately and cares for us watchfully, and He wants to reveal His heart to us as we seek Him.

5. Pray without ceasing. Prayer can achieve purposes we cannot. It is the very foundation in which we stand. Prayer activates an unseen movement of the Holy Spirit that creates drastic change according to God’s will. Jesus is constantly interceding on our behalf. He did everything He saw the Father doing because He had an unshakable connection with Him. Let’s be more like Jesus and be constantly crying out for change and for freedom.

"The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." - Deuteronomy 31:8

Written by Debora DaSilva

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