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Does injustice bother you?

When you are watching a movie where people are dying in a brutal manner, but the scene is being portrayed in a normal way, how does it make you feel?

I saw a study the other day that shows people responding much more emotionally when they see a scene where an animal is being killed than when a human being is. They explained that this happens because we are so used to seeing injustice and people dying every day in the most horrendous ways that we don’t empathize as much anymore. The results of this research shows our brains assimilating it as being normal.

When I read that, it shocked me. It made me think, how could we have gotten to this point where we don’t empathize with our fellow man anymore? The sad news is, we got used to seeing injustice and evil around us. We are bombarded everyday with all sorts of bad news, like kids dying of starvation, people killing family members, and somehow it doesn’t shock us as much as it should. We end up thinking that certain things are normal when in reality they are not.

Although, this study doesn’t reflect everyone. It may reflect a percentage of those who have been desensitized by the News and Hollywood. But I do believe a lot of people out there still care, still have hope and still fight for justice.

We don’t need to let the news and all the evil we see around us to dictate how we should feel and what is normal when we have the Word of God as our guidance and our strength.

What I want to say with all of this is, your hope matters, your compassion matters, your faith and prayer matters. It has the power to change the world, and even if it changes only one person, it already changed the whole world of someone who was in chains and now has been set free.

Human trafficking is something that still very present nowadays, actually it’s even worse than back in the 1800s. People are not only trafficked physically but they are also trafficked mentally and emotionally. And if you are one of those who still has hope, who still cares and has compassion, you can be one of those who can make a difference. Christ in you, Christ in us, we can change the world.

Let hope rise, let justice be done!

“Instead, I want to see a mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living.” – Amos 5:24

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