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Everything thing that grows starts with a root, a foundation or a source. Human Trafficking has made the news recently and continually due to its spreading, its devastation, and its proximity. It's been growing, and even with its alarming rate of growth, only 1% of victims are rescued from prostitution or forced labor. So where does it all start? 


It's been proven girls as young as 12-14 years of age are the most vulnerable and most likely to enter the sex trade. Instead of going to math class at their Middle School, they are getting involved in heavy oppression, being enticed by pimps, entering devious schemes created to entrap and enslave them, all because of one thing. One root. 

They do not know their worth. 

We firmly believe worth is built on what we understand to be God's unchangeable truth - we are loved by Him. Regardless of our pasts, our looks, our relationships, we are ultimately and passionately loved by Jesus, with a love that took Him to the cross for our sake. He is the one who has determined our worth once and for all. We are redeemed and given purpose and life by Him. 

Unfortunately, today's sex culture has a very strong influence on women (yes, even Christian women), and it twists this truth about our value. Everything from explicit ads to pornography demands of women their surrender to a broken standard of beauty and appearance, their role as women in society, and how they should be perceived and treated. This has resulted in low self-esteem among young girls, who think they need to follow surrounding culture's standards for them instead of the truth. Many times girls do not have the support they need in order to understand how precious they are, and how much they are appreciated, loved, and deserving of respect and care. They deserve more than being objectified. 

Worth More Than Rubies is more than a conference. It's a wake-up call to the women of our generation, who still have the chance to impact the younger generation around them, helping young girls understand their worth in Christ. We want to empower women to stand up in this backward world with a new vision. We pray dreams will be revived, purposes will be fueled, and women of all ages will be propelled to demonstrate the love of Christ to those around them - especially young women.

We believe men play a very important role in this, including husbands as the spiritual leaders of their home, pastors, brothers, uncles, fathers, which is why this conference is open to ALL. 






wear the cause

Grab a Worth More Than Rubies™ Tank Top for the summer! Your donation will aid in supporting our Awareness and Action initiatives throughout the year.

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